Instructions: Contribute Pics

The Argos Chapter of the IWLA would like to encourage all to contribute posts to the blog.

You must register and be logged in to contribute posts and pictures to the website.
Click the Register link and follow the directions.
After you have registered. You will only need to login to the website to contribute.

- Click on the Login link
- Click on the ‘Bog Blog’ link at the very top left-hand corner to navigate back to the website.
- Go to the ‘Pics’ navigation button and click the ‘Upload Pics’ button from the drop-down menu.
- Follow the onscreen directions.
- The pictures you upload will not be visible on the website until approved by the administrator.

  • shane

    march 31st, 2011, basement remodel and some muted swans which have been here for about 2 weeks, love in the air?

  • China

    Hats off to wohveer wrote this up and posted it.