Historical Proportions and Other Neat Stuff

Word is around the club house this week…
We received word that we have been accepted to the National Historical Registry. Sarah Bagley gladly donated the Christmas decorations for the club.  The Dec. 3rd meeting sounds like a good time to put the tree up and the trimmings on . Merry Christmas everyone!

Today, the Historical Society stopped in to see if we can put together a nice write-up for our 75 Years of Conservation Celebration.  We need to get with the town of Argos to see about the big 4th of July celebration. Smell the grills ?? :} I have talked to Webster Elem. in Plymouth about our clubs tree giveaway . 4th grade is a go! An additional 7o some students we can talk to about our goals and conservation projects and what trees mean.

  • Karen Fox

    The Izaak Walton League Historic District, Argos vicinity, Marshall County, Indiana was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on December 15, 2011. We are to be presented with certificates at a ceremony at the state fair in August 2012.