Earth Day 2014 – Education at Argos Community Schools

In appreciation of Earth Day 2014, the Argos Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America will spend time educating the local Argos Community Elementary School’s students about conservation and preserving the environment. The club typically honors this special day by providing education and trees for the children to plant. This year rather than trees, the club will be donating a special Bird & Buttery Mix of flower seeds to the students. Club members hope that all of the children receiving these will be able to watch the transformation of their seeds into beautiful flowers they can observe and maintain in their homes and/or yards. The club will also be accepting donations from the public to be used specifically for this annual project. Please contact us if  you would like to make a donation!

The club will  also be accepting purchase of trees and flowers until March 3rd from the general public. We appreciate your on-going support.