Bingo and Good Times

~ This event has been canceled ~ :(

That’s right, starting Jan. 21st at 6 pm we will be hosting bingo, for everyone interested. So, come on and let us know if this is a good thing? Leave a comment if you wish. Food and drinks provided. Smoking is permitted. Come set by a cozy fire and enjoy some local fun.
- Pull tabs and peanuts. -

Historical Proportions and Other Neat Stuff

Word is around the club house this week…
We received word that we have been accepted to the National Historical Registry. Sarah Bagley gladly donated the Christmas decorations for the club.  The Dec. 3rd meeting sounds like a good time to put the tree up and the trimmings on . Merry Christmas everyone!

Today, the Historical Society stopped in to see if we can put together a nice write-up for our 75 Years of Conservation Celebration.  We need to get with the town of Argos to see about the big 4th of July celebration. Smell the grills ?? :} I have talked to Webster Elem. in Plymouth about our clubs tree giveaway . 4th grade is a go! An additional 7o some students we can talk to about our goals and conservation projects and what trees mean.

Spreading the Message

Well, we sat down and wrote the Outdoor America magazine a nice write -up on all of the projects, kids education about conservation, our short term goals,and  the participation of Argos starting a fishing program for students at Argos.  We also included information involving the 75th year anniversary dedication of the club being completed in 1937.  We sent some pics of club and grounds and hopefully we will be picked up for an article in the magazine. Good luck to us and always appreciate what we have. c u soon.

Indiana State Division Meeting at the Argos Chapter

The Argos Indiana Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America is honored to be chosen as the 2011 host of the Indiana Division Meeting. This meeting will be held September 10, 2011 at the Argos Ikes clubhouse. Directions to the club house can be found by clicking here. We are expecting numerous members from a variety of Indiana chapters to be in attendance. We will be serving breakfast and lunch for our guest and hope to make everyone as comfortable as possible. We are looking forward to meeting other fellow Ikes’ members. We will have photos and additional information available after the meeting.  Let’s keep conservation moving forward.

Ikes meeting{july 2011}

A club meeting was held today, due to a rental on Sun. We had a float in the Argos parade today, talked about how the success of the fishing derby and canoe races, future plans on fund raisers, fish frys, ect. Everyone enjoyed the morning, final notes on breakfast and lunch items for state division meeting in Sept. were discussed as well. After meeting a few members went to Plymouth DQ to pick up our deep fryer who we want to thank again. Making things possible.

A very good spring

Well, the April breakfast and turkey shoot went well; two new members and and a few donations for the club. May 1st we are having another breakfast and shoot with a club meeting to follow. Trees will be here this weekend and members will be there for wrapping the trees up for the Argos School. Speaking of the Argos School, the club received a call from Mr. Holloway, principle, about having a program involving basic fishing and outdoor classroom activities. We are more than excited about sharing our facilities with the school corp.!  Fishing derby tickets will be here soon with a chance to win a 250.00 gift card and numerous other giveaways.

Summer at the Ikes

Well so far, the club has been busy, preparing for the state district meeting in Sept. We had a donation from the Plymouth, IN Dairy Queen, a three hole deep fryer which is a wonderful addition to the kitchen. We are already working on a fish fry dinner, 4th of July cookout, Monday the 4th, all welcome and a club meeting will be Sat., the 2nd of July 2011, due to a rental on Sunday. See you there!