Enter the 2014 Wildflower Contest

The Argos Ikes will be providing Argos Elementary students a packet of wildflowers for Arbor Day. We will be hosting a contest and would love to have students share pictures of their flowers growing. The winner will be announced at the Annual Father’s Day Fishing Derby held at the Argos Ikes on June 15th.

Directions for Submitting Your Pictures

  1. Ask your parents for permission and help.
  2. You can submit your picture here by clicking the ‘Comments‘ section below, registering or signing in, and clicking the image icon to upload your picture.
  3. You can post your image to the Argos Ikes’ Facebook by going to https://www.facebook.com/ArgosIkes and posting your picture to the page.
  4. You can post your image to the Argos Ikes’ Twitter by posting your image to your Twitter including @ArgosIkes in the message. https://twitter.com/argosikes

We look forward to seeing your flowers grow!

Click to View & Download Growing Instructions